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  1. Garlic Chopped
    Garlic Chopped
    Item# 200753
    Lead Time 3 Business Days
  2. Garlic Granulated
    Garlic Granulated
    Item# 200019000
    Lead Time 3 Business Days
  3. Garlic Granulated 1MM
    Garlic Granulated 1MM
    Item# 201183
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  4. Garlic Granulated 300K
    Garlic Granulated 300K
    Item# 200032
    Lead Time 3 Business Days
  5. Garlic Minced 1MM
    Garlic Minced 1MM
    Item# 201331
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  6. Garlic Powder Premium 1MM
    Garlic Powder Premium 1MM
    Item# 200474500
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  7. Garlic Powder Premium 300K
    Garlic Powder Premium 300K
    Item# 201096
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  8. Garlic Powder Special
    Garlic Powder Special
    Item# 200012000
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  9. Garlic Powder Special 1MM
    Garlic Powder Special 1MM
    Item# 200041
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  10. Garlic Powder Special 300K
    Garlic Powder Special 300K
    Item# 200023000
    Lead Time 3 Business Days
  11. Organic Garlic Granulated 600K
    Organic Garlic Granulated 600K
    Item# 253000000
    Lead Time 3 Business Days

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    Olam Spices is proud to be the leading supplier of California-grown dried garlic—the safest, most flavorful, and most sustainably produced garlic in the world.

    Grown in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley by local, multi-generational farmers—this is garlic you can trust, managed by our experts from seed to factory, so you can always count on unrivaled food-safety and total traceability. We offer an unparalleled range of healthy, full-flavored garlic products to match any application need—from bottle packs and seasoning blends to salad dressings, meat products, sauces and snacks. And our culinary and innovation team will partner with you to create new on-trend offerings that will captivate consumers and drive growth. California garlic has always set the gold-standard for quality worldwide, and we are leading the way in sustaining that cherished heritage.