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  1. Ancho Chili Pepper
    Ancho Chili Pepper
    Item# 413314
    Lead Time 15 Business Days
  2. Crushed Red Pepper 20K
    Crushed Red Pepper 20K
    Item# 750101
    Lead Time 3 Business Days
  3. Crushed Red Pepper 30K
    Crushed Red Pepper 30K
    Item# 750103
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  4. Pasilla Chili Pepper
    Pasilla Chili Pepper
    Item# 410961
    Lead Time 15 Business Days

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    Bringing you color, flavor and fire.

    Olam Spices extensive investments in the chilies category has established total supply chain controls to ensure the finest quality and most reliable supply. From seed to factory agriculture management in our U.S. operations, to farmgate relationships and programs with producers in Peru and India, we offer the broadest range of chili varieties, the most versatile selection of ingredient forms and the deepest knowledge of the category in the industry.