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Crushed Red Pepper 40K

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Product Origin New Mexico, USA

Crushed Red Pepper 40K 

Crushed red pepper is made from a combination of peppers from the capsicum annuum family, such as serranos, jalapenos and ancho peppers. The most common pepper used to make crushed red pepper flakes is cayenne peppers, which is mostly grown in India, the United States, East Africa and Mexico. 

Cultivation of the plant was spread rapidly throughout the tropics and sub-tropics by the Spanish and Portugese, which was facilitated by the seed’s long viability. 

Olam Spices’ capscicums, that will eventually be mixed into crushed red pepper, are grown in India and processed at our facility in Cochin, India. Our crushed red pepper is made of large flakes of crushed chili peppers and seeds that are medium-high heat.

Crushed red pepper is  a form of coarsely ground chili peppers with the seeds visible. Crushed red pepper provides a nice dash of colour and heat to the food. Dried crushed red pepper is orange red to deep dark red in appearance, often with visible yellow seeds. The level of heat is measured by Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The higher the value, the hotter the pepper. Crushed red pepper is a perfect companion to pizza, eggs, pasta sauce, tacos, stews, casseroles, soups. It is also used in pickling, chowders, gumbos, sausage & in cream and cheese sauces, and marinades.

Crushed Red Pepper 40K 

So, what can crushed red pepper be used for? Crushed red pepper has many applications, including: 

  • To add spice to pizza or pasta dishes
  • In pickling blends, chowders or sauces
  • As an addition to soups and salads
  • In curried dishes, casseroles or stews
  • Used as a condiment for Mexican, Asian, South America or Italian cuisine 
  • Added to stir fry to elevate the heat
  • Included in South American adobos

History of crushed red pepper

Chilli (Capsicum annuum L. and Capsicum frutescens L.) belongs to the Solanaceae family. Believed to be a native of Mexico and Peru, it was also cultivated in Central and South America. The chilli fruit is hollow with many seeds. There are more than 200 different varieties of chilli with varying levels of pungency, colour, flavour and shape and size. Chilli seeds also have pungency which is due to the chemical compounds called capsaicinoids. The colour of Red chillies is due to the colouring compound, capsanthin.

After it is harvested, cleaned and dried, the chili peppers are cut and milled for further processing in various applications like seasonings, ready meals and snacks. 

The cutting of the chili pepper is an important pre-step in the milling process. The chilli pods are hit by the rotating cutting blades of the rotoplex granulator and crushed to uniform particles with a fineness < 2mm. The visual appearance and product size can be adjusted by the perforation size in the product outlet.

Chilli flakes are generally made from a single type of red pepper and used to express that pepper's flavor. Crushed red pepper are made from a mix of red peppers from the capsicum annum family.

It is believed that crushed red peppers originated from southern Italy in the late 1800s, where people of this region enjoyed adding more spice to their dishes. Researchers have found that southern Italians who immigrated to the United States would grow hot peppers in their gardens, which would make its way into their food.

America’s first pizzeria, Lomardi’s in New York, which opened in 1905 and catered to the large south Italian immigrant population, recalled the use of red pepper flakes in crumbled stainless steel bowls, until switching to pepper shakers in 1950.

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