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Garlic Powder Special

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50 lb. Box 3 Business Days
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1 Pallet of 300 lb Drums (1,200 lbs.)7 Business Days
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Where is garlic cultivated?

Garlic can be cultivated all over the world, since it can withstand a variety of growing conditions. Here at Olam Spices, our AtSource verified, U.S. garlic is grown in California’s Central Valley. We are involved in every aspect of cultivation from planting to harvest, working closely with our multi-generational farmer partners to ensure high-quality yields. 

Our garlic begins as virus-free cloves, which are planted by our agricultural operations team in the Fall and harvested in the middle of summer. From here, it is immediately shipped to our garlic processing plant in Gilroy, California. The processing begins with the raw garlic being prepped, cleaned, sliced, dried and sieved in our facility and packaged to ship to our customers around the world.

Applications of garlic powder

So, when can I use garlic powder? Garlic powder has many applications, including: 

  • As a topical application for chips, nuts and vegetables, given its fine ground properties
  • Adds great vibrant flavor to bland low-sodium or low-fat dishes
  • In place of fresh in high direct-heat applications like baking and broiling because it is less prone to burning
  • To season protein such as grilled chicken, steak or pork

History of garlic

Garlic, or Allium sativum, is a perennial plant of the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae. It is native to Central Asia, though the exact location is widely disputed, and grows wild in Italy and Southern France. 

Humans have been using it for over 5,000 years – making it one of the longest cultivated crops in history. In ancient and medieval times, it was used as medicine and as a charm to ward off vampires. It was also worship as a god by the Ancient Egyptians and Greek athletes were given garlic to enhance their abilities and courage.





Moisture (g) 5.0
Energy (kcal) 315.0
Protein (g) 16.9
Total Fat (g) 0.5
Saturated Fat (g) 0.2
Trans Fat (g) 0.0
Cholestrol (mg) 0.0
Total Carbohydrate (g) 72.5
Dietary Fibre (g) 11.8
Sugars (g) 3.5
Added Sugar (g) 0.0
Ash (g) 5.0
Sodium (mg) 39.0
Calcium (mg) 124.0
Iron (mg) 30.0
Potassium (mg) 1580.0
Vitamin D (mcg) 0.0
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Ships In3 Business Days
Ships FromMerced, CA or Gilroy, CA
Box Dimensions15.5"L x 14"H x 11.5"W
Pallet Dimensions48"L x 40"W x 62"H
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Garlic Powder Special Specification

Customer Questions
How do I pick up my order from Olam's warehouse?

If you are picking up your order, first check your order acknowledgement to determine the location of the plant/warehouse where your order is being processed. ( Your Order Acknowledgement was emailed to you 1-2 days after you placed your order). Have your Olam Sales Order Number handy. Next, simply refer to the Warehouse Contact Information to get contact information for your applicable warehouse then simply set-up an appointment for the ship date.

I would like a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Olam Spices products are made to meet our specification (found on each product page or all can be found Once you place an order, batch level COA’s are emailed to you at the time of shipment. If the specification does not meet your requirement please let us know! We can help find the closest available alternative that will work for your needs.

What size are samples?

Samples are all 8 ounces. If you require a larger sample, please contact us at

How many samples can I order?

We offer 5 free samples in a 30-day period. If you require more samples, please contact us at and we can assist!

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