1.  Garlic Powder Premium 1MM
    Powder Premium 1MM
    Item# 200474500
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  2. Garlic Minced
    Garlic Minced
    Item# 200002
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
    Moisture 0-6.8 %
  3. Garlic Minced 100K
    Garlic Minced 100K
    Item# 201376500
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  4. Garlic Powder Economy
    Economy Powder
    Item# 200007500
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  5. Garlic Powder Premium 100K
    Powder Premium 100K
    Item# 200440400
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  6. Garlic Powder Special
    Powder Special
    Item# 200385500
    Lead Time 3 Business Days
    Moisture 6.8 % MAX
  7. Organic Garlic Granulated 600K
    Garlic Granulated- Organic
    Item# 253000000
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  8. Organic Garlic Minced 200K
    Organic Garlic Minced 200K
    Item# 255000400
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  9. Organic Garlic Powder 600K
    Garlic Powder 600K- Organic
    Item# 251000400
    Lead Time 2-10 Business Days
  10. Organic Garlic Powder Economy 2MM
    Garlic Powder Economy- Organic
    Item# 252000000
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
Additional Garlic Products
  • Roasted Chopped
  • Ground
  • Minced

To order any of our additional garlic products, please email

Our garlic growing operations operate under full Olam Spices oversight from planting to harvesting.

Olam Spices is the world’s expert in California and Chinese garlic, offering the industry’s best value with the most sophisticated processing operations and finishing options. Our sourcing footprint provides a consistent supply of product. Olam Spice's vertically integrated dehydration and processing operations manage the complete supply chain, from growth and harvest, to washing, sorting and gentle air-drying, ensuring product safety and quality at every control point.