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Using Herbs and Spices in Pet Food

February 2023

With pet owners claiming the title “pet parents," it comes as no surprise that we want our furry family members to eat food the same quality of their human counterparts. Premiumization of pet food has increased over the past years with pet parents paying more attention to what goes into their dog’s dinner.

In fact, AKC highlighted many trends in dog ownership: household pet spending is projected to increase to $1,909 in 2030. With more and more pet owners are also feeding their pets treats and supplements, innovation in the dog food and treat industry will be essential to growing your business. When you look to formulate your next dog food or cat treat, take a look at including these ingredients: 


Small amounts of dried parsley may be used to help freshen dog’s breath or as a source of vitamins A and C. 


Innova noted that apart from the top five protein flavors, rosemary was a growing flavor during the first half of 2022. A little will go a long way with this aromatic herb. 


In North America, cinnamon is a growing flavor of new dog food launches. Cinnamon is known for it’s antioxidant and blood sugar regulation in addition to it’s flavor, so it’s no surprise that this is a popular inclusion for our canine friends.


Gaining popularity as supplement for humans, it’s no surprise our furry friends want to hop on the trend too! While turmeric may be used as a natural color enhancer, it also may have anti-inflammatory benefits.  

We recommend that ingredients used in the creation of pet food and treats should always be reviewed by a veterinarian for inclusion rates.   

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