Why are organic spices good for livestock?

July 2022

Spices and herbs are a mainstay in many American kitchens. Used to add unique flavor to any dish, you can find rows of various spices in any grocery store. Organic spices play a larger role in our food supply chain than just spicing up at-home dinners. Paprika, garlic and other organic spices and herbs provide health benefits that keep America’s livestock healthy and happy! 

Going above and beyond typical feed for animals like cows and chickens, farmers can encourage optimal healthiness by using organic spices as livestock feed additives. For farmers or livestock owners with large scale operations, buying organic spices and herbs in bulk can ensure that animals are reaping the health benefits these spices provide for years to come. Not only will animals be healthier, but end products like dairy and meat will also improve!

Increasing the health benefits for your cattle

Many people rave about the health benefits simple spices can provide to the human body. What if we told you that cows, chickens, and other livestock can benefit from these same spices? By adding organically sourced spices to your livestock’s feed blend, you can fight off flies and bugs, reduce methane production from your animals, and increase your livestock’s overall well-being.

Just by using organic garlic as a feed additive, your cows and other cattle will naturally emit odors that prevent flies and pests from landing on their bodies. This simple addition will also keep your cows’ hide healthier, and will improve your animals’ end product!

As many farmers are working hard to cut greenhouse gas emissions from their production, there are organic spices that can greatly help with this! By simply adding organic coriander or turmeric to your feed, researchers have found that there is a 40% reduction in methane emissions from livestock production. The addition of these spices, as well as cinnamon and cumin, have been found to act as natural antibiotics for livestock, breaking down bacteria inside the animals and reducing methane emissions.

Bulk Spices for Livestock

For larger scale productions, buying your spices in bulk and cultivating your own spice blend to add to your feed is the best way to go. Not only will this provide you with full flexibility over the types of spices and benefits you want your livestock to receive, you can do so without having to worry about repurchasing so often!

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