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  1. New Mexico Organic Paprika STM - Fine
    New Mexico Organic Paprika STM - Fine
    Item# 405004400
    Ships in 15 Business Days
    Moisture 11.0% maximum
    Granulation 90.0% minimum through US #20
  2. Organic Garlic Granulated 600K
    Organic Garlic Granulated 600K
    Item# 253000000
    Ships in 2-10 Business Days
    Moisture 6.8 % MAX
  3. Organic Onion Granulated
    Organic Onion Granulated
    Item# 153000000
    Ships in 7 Business Days
    Moisture 5.5 % MAX
Additional Organic Products

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    onion growing operation

    The best food ingredients just got better

    Olam Spices has ownership or active engagement in every stage of the supply chain. This ensures our customers comprehensive product security and food integrity. We believe that only our visionary approach to supply chain control can reliably deliver the highest possible product integrity and value.

    We have implemented a full traceability program that keeps track of our onion, garlic, tomato and capsicum products from the moment the seeds are planted in the greenhouse or field, to the location where our customers take delivery of their order.