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Parsley Flakes

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Where is parsley cultivated?

Parsley is a crop that grows best in moist, well-drained soil, with full sun. Here at Olam, our AtSource verified, curly leaf parsley is grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley, within 60-miles of our processing facility in Firebaugh, California. 

At the warmest time of the year, we harvest the crop at night to preserve freshness. Our harvesting crew is in continuous communication with the processing facility to ensure the parsley is processed within hours of being picked, to ensure quality. The parsley is then cleaned, washed, dried, sieved and packaged directly into boxes before being sent to our customers worldwide.

Applications for parsley flakes 

So, when can I use parsley flakes? Parsley flakes have many applications, including: 

  • To garnish a variety of dishes
  • As an addition to any sauce or dressing for a pop of color
  • To incorporate a mild, herbaceous and grassy flavor to soups or seasoning blends
  • As a key ingredient in both Argentine chimichurri or Lebanese tabbouleh
  • In dressings and sauces 

History of parsley

Parsley has been such a mainstay of global cuisines for so many centuries that the origination is difficult to establish. However, parsley was commonly used in funeral rites in Greece, and that is one of the earliest recorded instances of parsley. In fact, according to Greek mythology, parsley was the herb that sprang up when blood fell to the ground as the serpents ate the hero Archemorous. This may explain why parsley was commonly used in Roman funeral traditions as well, though it was also applied to treat poor digestion.

Mentioned throughout history for its medicinal and culinary properties, parsley was used in Hebrew celebrations for Passover and also made into wreaths to crown Olympians. It was also planted in the gardens of Charlemagne and Catherine de Medici, where it was used in French and Italian culinary dishes. Though parsley used throughout history is most likely a different variation than the ones grown today.

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