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Oleoresins and Extracts in Bulk

All the color, aroma, flavor, and texture of actual ground spices, but a fraction of the storage space.

About Oleoresins

Oleoresins can be a natural or manufactured extract made of essential oils and resin, a solid or syrup-like material made of plants, that are evaporated of solvents. It can be used to add flavor, color or aroma to any application.

The extract is unique because of its high concentration (it can be 5 to 20 times stronger in flavor than the original spice or herb it’s made from) and the evaporation process, which doesn’t compromise texture, aroma or flavor. Oleoresins that occur naturally, without human interaction, are known as balsams.


To extract oleoresins, you choose the desired raw spice, then it is cleaned, washed, dried and dehulled (if needed) and crushed. From there, the crushed spice goes into an extraction machine, then counter-current extraction to a solvent evaporating system and then you have a more portent, semi-solid version of your original spice.



What are oleoresins made of?

Typically, oleoresins are the natural extractives or oil from a plant, herb, or seed. Paprika Oleoresins are the result of extraction of carotenoid pigments from matured capsicum fruit. This can be done using an organic solvent (typically hexane) or oil. The extracted pigments (extractives) are then concentrated using centrifuge. To standardize the pigments, vegetable oil is usually added to the concentrates until the desired color (extractable ASTA color) is achieved.

How do you use oleoresins?

Usually used in industrial applications where a ground spice paprika was needed to achieve a desired redness in a formulation or recipe, but the amount of paprika required to attain that color would add too much solid material. The concentrate achieves the color without the added bulk. It is also used in beverages where strong color is needed, but particulates are not desired.

What does oleoresin mean?

It is a natural or artificial mixture of essential oils and a resin, e.g. balsam.

How to steam distill oleoresins?

This process is more for essential oils. A ground up plant or herb medium is heated and the volatile oils are extracted, captured, and condensed via steam distillation

How is oleoresin extracted?

Typically a solvent is used under heat to extract fatty oils from a medium (like paprika)

What is the difference between essential oils and oleoresins?

Essential oils are less dense volatile oil compounds that can be extracted via steam distillation. Oleoresins are typically a heavier compound and a solvent is used for extraction.

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