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Animal Nutrition

Spices & herbs are traditional ingredients used in animal nutrition to provide needed vitamins, minerals, and a variety of health-supporting bioactive compounds. Olam Spices provides its animal nutrition customers with safe, natural ingredients to support animal health and well-being.

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  1. wholesale paprika 160 asta in bulk

    Paprika 160 ASTA

    Starting at: $2.75/lb
  2. wholesale Garlic Powder Premium 1MM in bulk

    Garlic Powder Premium 1MM

    Starting at: $3.53/lb
  3. Top Pick Garlic Powder

    Garlic Powder

    Starting at: $2.02/lb
    Ships In: 3 Business Days

     Olam Spices’ California garlic powder is grown in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley by local, multi-generational farmers.

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  4. wholesale Garlic Powder Special 1MM in bulk

    Garlic Powder Special 1MM

    Starting at: $3.23/lb
  5. bulk black pepper 60 mesh spices

    Black Pepper 60 Mesh STM

    Starting at: $2.65/lb
  6. wholesale parsley flakes spices in bulk

    Parsley Flakes

    Starting at: $3.30/lb
  7. marjoram spice

    Marjoram - Prime

    Starting at: $1.60/lb
  8. Top Pick wholesale turmeric powder bulk spices

    Ground Turmeric

    Starting at: $1.20/lb
  9. Top Pick wholesale ground ginger bulk spices

    Ground Ginger

    Starting at: $1.93/lb
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