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Spices Market Reports

ofi delivers excellence in growing and selling quality spice products in a safe and sustainable manner. We believe every organization should have access to the best ingredients and, in addition to this, are committed to providing the most value to our customers. One way we’re doing this is by supporting you in developing your offerings and doing the research for you.

Our team has distilled our knowledge of the spices market and spice industry trends into convenient and thorough monthly reports. Through our extensive experience as a leading global spice producer and supplier, we strive to provide you with the latest information to prepare your organization for its current and future initiatives. Learn about demand, production, pricing, uses based on various cultures or regions, and more. 


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Market Report- June 2023


Many US Red Chiles fields are currently in the fruiting stage and have developed multiple fruits. Despite a slightly cooler spring and a slow start to the season, the crops are catching up.

Market Report- April 2023


Vietnam has completed the pepper harvest as of April 2023. Due to early rains in Vietnam, the harvest season was finished one month ahead of the usual time.

Market Report- March 2023


The harvest activities are advancing in all the producing regions. Fresh chilli crops have begun to arrive in major market yards. Overall production is estimated to be higher this year compared to last year.

Market Report- February 2023


The 2023 crop season is in the planning stage. Growers are evaluating the pricing pressure from increasing input costs over the last year. The industry is working closely to strategically plant the acres needed to meet the market demand as the window is closing for planting preparation.

Market Report- January 2023


The planting for the CY23 crop is ~90% complete across California with some acreage still to be planted in the West side of Fresno County, Central California, as well as Tule Lake in Northern CA.

Market Report- October 2022


The Red Chile harvest in Southwest US (West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) commenced during the second week of September. The Chile crop went through a very difficult growing season with cooler weather in the initial part, intermittent hailstorms, and severe rains during the month of August and September.

Market Report- July 2022


Harvesting in the desert region is almost finished and has now progressed to Kern and the Central Valley. Yields have caught up, despite delayed maturity in some of the early onion varieties.

Market Report- June 2022


Pepper harvest in Vietnam and Cambodia has been completed. There were early rains across all of the pepper-growing regions in Vietnam. This forced farmers to apply fertilizer early.

Market Report- May 2022


The chilli crop has been harvested. CY22 acreage has increased by 25-30% compared to last year. However, production has decreased due to significantly lower yield because of thrips infestation.

Market Report- April 2022


The ofi Crop team has managed to secure sufficient acreage and volume for 2022 grower contracts to meet the anticipated increase in demand for locally grown paprika and chile.

Market Report- March 2022


Planting has finished for the 2022 crop in the majority of the regions except for Tule Lake in northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Market Report- February 2022


Vietnam harvest has started and is expected to peak in 2-3 weeks. This means that the flow of crops coming into the market will be good through the end of April.

Market Report- January 2022


The crop is currently at the flowering to ripening stage. Many areas are suffering from invasive thrips infestation (Thrips parvispinus), a new challenge for Chillis where pests attack the flower.

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