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Sustainability Newsletters

Growing Responsibly- Vol. 2 Issue 1


In October, Olam Spices and Edible Nuts hosted a diverse group of leading corporate and non-profit organizations for a 3-day summit to learn about water challenges in California’s Central Valley and collaborate on collective action solutions.

Growing Responsibly- Vol. 1 Issue 8


On the pepper plantation in Brazil, we prioritize good agricultural practices like planting Brachiaria Ruziziensis cv. Ruziziensis between black pepper planting lines.

Growing Responsibly- Vol. 1 Issue 7


To prevent land, water, and air pollution, the Olam Spices team in India created a recycling process for used pesticide containers. The team partnered with Green Waves Environmental Solutions to facilitate workshops on Waste Management and handle the recycling and disposal of cleaned containers.

Growing Responsibly- Vol. 1 Issue 6


Vietnamese soil requires compost for structural improvement. Last year, our Vietnam site started a compost program consisting of coee waste, rice husks, and cow manure. The program produces 6,000 MT of compost annually

Growing Responsibly- 2017


Our growers are where it all starts. Olam Spices seeks to amplify growers’ voices, providing critical linkages in our supply chain. Each newsletter will feature a voice from the field, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in sustainability across the Olam Spices business.

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