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  1. Onion Minced 100K
    Onion Minced 100K
    Item# 100041000
    Lead Time 7 Business Days
  2. Organic Onion Granulated
    Organic Onion Granulated
    Item# 153000000
    Lead Time 7 Business Days

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    olam onion

    Olam Spices dehydrated onions are grown and processed in-house in the U.S. and Egypt, with farm to fork traceability.

    We are actively engaged in seed breeding, planting, harvesting and processing. As the world’s largest provider of dehydrated onion, our product line is comprehensive, offering all forms and delivery methods with piece integrity and uniform distribution. Need a specific specification? Our Innovation and Quality Center will provide you the right dehydrated onion product to match your application.

    Olam Spices onion breeding program is an industry pioneer and continues to increase the solids content in our onion varieties, contributing to a net yield increase per unit of land, reducing the amount of land required and water consumption.