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Your Comprehensive Onion Guide: Origin, Benefits, and Uses

September 2023

Did you know that onions have made our eyes tear up for over 5,000 years? That's right! These trusty bulbs have been around since the Bronze Age, dicing their way into historical recipes from the Pharaohs of Egypt to the chefs in the Ming Dynasty. They've played roles in kitchens, rituals, medicines, and even mummification.

National Hot & Spicy Food Day Trends

August 2023

The “hot and spicy food” trend continues to heat up, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, have you noticed that as of recently, 71% of menus and 11% of drink menus feature the word “spicy?” There's even a day dedicated to this trend - National Hot and Spicy Day is celebrated every August 19th. 

Unlocking Flavor: How to Balance Flavors and Create A Memorable Dish

August 2023

Seasoned chefs know that understanding the power of flavors can turn good meals into extraordinary culinary experiences. Whether you’re cooking Thai stir-fry or classic American burgers, learning how to balance flavors can elevate your dishes and excite taste buds. 

Essential Mexican Herbs and Spices for the Commercial Kitchen

July 2023

When it comes to Mexican cuisine ingredients, having the right spices can make your meals stand out to your customers. We help you stock your kitchen with the right spices for Mexican dishes to satisfy the taste buds of your customers and offer them unique flavors using traditional Mexican spices.

How to Make a Signature Spice Rub Unique to Your Business

June 2023

A great spice rub can make a dish more appetizing and impress your customers. If you are a restaurant chef, food manufacturer, or caterer, consider these tips for how to make your own signature spice rub. 

Delicious Dairy-Free Ice Creams for Everyone

May 2023

Ice cream has long been the go-to summer treat for those with a sweet tooth, but many people are now looking for dairy-free alternatives that still offer the same creamy texture and flavor. Luckily, there's no need to sacrifice taste to get a dairy-free ice cream, such as a classic vanilla or a chipotle chocolate.

Quality and Sustainability are Heating Up: ofi is the Place to Get Your Green Chiles

April 2023

Are you looking for green chiles? As an global established leader in chiles, ofi is now the largest green chile & jalapeno producer in the USA. Not only do we offer top-notch quality and safety standards, but our commitment to sustainability will make your products stand out from the crowd.

Exploring Regional Barbecue Trends - Summer 2023

March 2023

Not only can barbecue provide comfort, but it can also be an exploration into different cultures and their unique takes on classic barbecue dishes. From Jamaican Jerk in the Caribbean to Memphis Barbecue in the US, let's explore some of these regional barbecue trends for the summer of 2023.

National Snack Food Month

February 2023

February is National Snack Food Month! What better way to celebrate than with a discussion about the booming snack industry? From popcorn to nuts to chips made with natural ingredients—the options are seemingly endless! It’s clear that Americans love their snacks, with sales making up almost a third of global sales. But why are we so into snacking? Let’s find out!

Using Herbs and Spices in Pet Food

February 2023

Premiumization of pet food has increased over the past years with pet parents paying more attention to what goes into their dog’s dinner. When you look to formulate your next dog food or cat treat, take a look at including these ingredients.

2023 Food Trends to Inspire Your Next Recipe

December 2022

A new year is an opportunity to try new things, and what better way to bring in the New Year than to whip up an exciting and unfamiliar dish? We’re highlighting a few of our favorite culinary trends for 2023.

The Winter Essentials: Herbs and Spices Edition

November 2022

The summer months inspire a specific set of herbs and spices. With the winter season, we can always anticipate a chill in the air, so cuisine during this time of year often incorporates ingredients that warm both the body and the soul. Many of us across the globe are cooped up indoors and cooking, so it’s important to ensure you equip your facility with all these essential herbs and spices for winter.

Meet the Team: Malori Ross 

October 2022

Our team is like our spices — each vibrant, bright and unique in their own way. Some are spicy, some are sweet and some might even make you cry, but at the end of the day, they're both best when they are working together.

Today, we're highlighting Malori Ross, Spices by ofi's eCommerce Packaging Lead.

What are Adulterated Spices and Why Does it Matter?

October 2022

Adulteration in food ingredients is not a new phenomenon, with Greek botanists in 200 BC raising concerns about pepper being impure. Even today, the American Spice Trade Association, has stated that “adulteration is one of the major concerns of the spice industry.” 

Meet the Team: Stephen Gallegos

September 2022

Our team is like our spices — each vibrant, bright and unique in their own way. Some are spicy, some are sweet and some might even make you cry, but at the end of the day, they're both best when they are working together.

Today, we're highlighting Stephen Gallegos, Spices by ofi's eCommerce Sales Manager.

What is a Standard Plate Count (SPC) and what do the numbers mean?

August 2022

Standard Plate Count (SPC) is commonly used interchangeably with APC (Aerobic Plate Count) and TPC (Total Plate Count). This is described by the FDA as “intended to indicate the level of microorganism in a product.” 

Meet the Team: Sydney Stout Valla 

August 2022

Our team is like our spices — each vibrant, bright and unique in their own way. Some are spicy, some are sweet and some might even make you cry, but at the end of the day, they're both best when they are working together.

Today, we're highlighting Sydney Stout Valla, Spices by ofi's eCommerce Operations Manager.

What is the Difference Between a Spice and an Herb?

July 2022

At first, you might not be able to identify a distinct difference between a spice and a herb. We explain their unique characteristics in a quick guide.

Summer Spices For Any Dish

June 2022

Summer offers plenty of opportunities to cook something new–not to mention you get to pull out your seasonal favorites again. Why not dress these dishes up? We curated a list of the best summer spices and herbs that will effortlessly transform your dishes this season.

Intro to Manufacturing - Las Cruces

May 2022

The Spices by ofi manufacturing facility located in Las Cruces, New Mexico is the largest red chile processing plant in the world. Here, we operate 24/7 to process 1,000+ SKU's of red chiles grown in the “Hatch Valley” region.

Spices by ofi - Intro to Manufacturing

May 2022

From plant science and sustainability, to manufacturing or product formulation. We harness the category opportunities that our delicious products can combine to create. Making it real at every step, from plant to palate.

Earth Day 2022: Water Asset Management

April 2022

Spices by ofi and Water Asset Management, LLC's Winnemucca Farms are proud to share our collaboration to drive sustainable onion farming outcomes this week of Earth Day 2022.

What is Neo-Pure?

April 2022

To meet today’s ever-growing consumer expectations, we want to provide the highest level of food quality, safety and nutrition to our customers. This is why we've partnered with Neo-Pure, an innovative organic pasteurization technology developed by Agri-Neo, to further enhance food safety.

US Grown Farm Spotlight: Garlic

March 2022

Tony Azevedo credits Stone Land Co's success in growing garlic and the company's other crops, to founder Jack Stone, son Bill Stone, general manager of the vast operation; and others, including the people "behind the scenes. They are great people - they make it work - we have very little turnover. We treat them right, and they treat us right."

Malabar Black Pepper

February 2022

Malabar pepper was one of the commodities most sought after by the ancient Roman and Arab traders and later by the early European navigators. Find out why.

US Grown Farm Spotlight: Onions

January 2022

The onion powder in your dressing, the diced onions in your burger and even the minced onion in your pantry. Have you ever wondered where and how it was grown? Let's explore.

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