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  1. Garlic Minced IRR 25K

    Garlic Minced IRR 25K

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  2. Garlic Minced Roasted

    Garlic Minced Roasted

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Minced Garlic FAQs

How do you make minced garlic?

Minced garlic is finely chopped dehydrated garlic. Garlic cloves are extracted from the bulbs through a series of tumblers and washers. During this process, bulbs are washed, run through rock tumblers to remove large foreign objects, cracked to separate the cloves from the bulb, then put through another stage of foreign material removal. After the cleaning and washing, the cloves are then sliced, dried, milled and packed. During the drying process the garlic is dehydrated to dramatically increase shelf life. During milling, a series of cutting machines and agitators separate out all the different dehydrated onion pieces, including minced pieces. From largest particle size to smallest, it goes sliced, chopped, minced, granulated, then powder is the finest.


What does minced garlic mean?

Minced is just a term for a finely chopped particle size. Typically, minced means the garlic particles (chopped up pieces) are -6+20 in size. What does that mean, you ask? Well it’s essentially a mesh size that the pieces are sieved through. -6+20 means that the pieces are all in between 6 and 20 standard mesh size, which correlates to roughly 0.132 and 0.0331 inches in diameter. 

Is there a difference between minced and pressed garlic?

Short answer is no, not really. Pressed garlic is usually fresh garlic which is squeezed through a sieve or "mesh" of a certain size. The general idea is similar, breaking down garlic cloves to smaller pieces, but minced (at least according to Olam) is a standard size and pressed isn’t necessarily.


Can you substitute minced garlic for pressed garlic?

Certainly, the amount of flavor released between the two methods are quite similar

How much minced garlic equals a clove?

Generally speaking, 1 average size garlic clove will yield about ¾ teaspoon of minced garlic. Then, when it’s dehydrated, take away about 75% of that volume. So one clove will get you about 0.5 – 0.55 teaspoons.

How long does minced garlic last?

If properly stored, dehydrated minced garlic can last one year after opening. Fresh minced garlic has much less shelf life, maybe 1-3 months.


How do you store minced garlic?

Sealed. If dehydrated, you’ll want to keep it away from moisture to avoid clumping. If it’s packed in water, you’ll want to keep it in a sealed container and refrigerate it.

Is minced garlic the same as chopped garlic?

Close, but the pieces are different sizes. Chopped garlic pieces are slightly larger than minced pieces. You’ll get a stronger garlic flavor with minced vs chopped and that’s because the minced pieces are smaller, so there is more surface area to release the potent garlic flavor into your dish.

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