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    Garlic Powder

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     Olam Spices’ California garlic powder is grown in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley by local, multi-generational farmers.

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    Garlic Powder Special

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Garlic Powder FAQs

How is garlic powder made?

Garlic powder is seasoning made from dehydrated, crushed-up garlic cloves. As garlic is dried, it loses its water weight but maintain its potent garlic flavor. The process is relatively simple; garlic cloves are separated from the bulbs and dehydrated in large industrial dryers (at Olam only the best US Grown Garlic makes the cut). It then travels through a series of cutting machines that gradually cuts, chops, and pulverizes the garlic into the many sizes available. These include dehydrated sliced, chopped, minced, granulated, and the smallest fraction, Garlic Powder.


What is the difference between garlic salt and garlic powder?

Very simply put... just add salt! You can add a variety of different types of salt to enhance and adjust the flavor of garlic, the only difference between the two is that Garlic Salt is, well, more salty! In some garlic salt varieties, the garlic granules can be slightly larger and less fine than garlic powder particles.


Can I use garlic powder instead of garlic?

You sure can! It has the same properties and taste. It will mix more uniformly into your meal because of the fine powder characteristic, and it will be concentrated so you can use less. It still has that same great taste.


How much garlic powder equals one clove?

About 1 third of the garlic clove by weight. The water to pure garlic ratio is roughly 3:1, so you need to use about a 3 times more fresh garlic to get the same potency as garlic powder.


How much garlic powder equals minced garlic?

Same principle as above, about 1/3. That assumes the minced garlic is fresh minced garlic which still retains it’s water weight. For dehydrated minced garlic vs dehydrated garlic powder, the difference is very small, accounting for only the airspace between the minced garlic particles.


How do you soften garlic powder?

If for some reason you do find your garlic powder clumping, you can simply break it up again and it will be fine! Pour it onto a shallow plate or bowl and use a fine fork (or any other kitchen tool for that matter) to break up the clumps to the consistency you desire.


How do you unclump garlic powder?

Same as above! Clumped garlic powder needs to be "softened" back into powder with a kitchen utensil by breaking up the clumps.


How long does garlic powder last?

Assuming proper storage, about one year on the shelf after purchase. Proper storage involves keeping it in a sealed container and minimizing the amount of moisture it is exposed to.

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